Product Philosophy

In the current IP - Cloud - Virtualization multi-convergence environment service providers and large enterprises face extra challenges besides rivalry. SP’s have to transform their infrastructure, shift the way of the operations , invest a lot while still being competitive. This can be achieved with high-technology supported market driven strategically aligned partners.


We carefully design our products to be able to meet your challenges. Each of Kron products has vision for transformation to cloud and supports the most common objectives of industries SDN/NFV choices. Using us will not only bring you operational efficiency, cost-reduction, competitiveness surplus today but also seamless transformation to tomorrow.


As a result leading service providers rely on our service activation products to ensure fast-delivery, our quality products to assure service experience. Our breakthrough logging and smart wifi technologies helps our clients to cut their spendings. In total we work to provide better products for increased efficiency.


Single Connect

When operating a large enterprise, it is vital to make sure your system is secure and reliable. You need to be in charge of access management to protect your network from unauthorised access and malicious attacks. Single Connect is a seamless man-in-the-middle privileged access management solution to ensure who has accessed to what, when and how in your ICT network.

Single Command

With the increasing complexity of the multi vendor fragmented ICT network infrastructure , it gets harder for Service Providers to manage and automate their daily network operations. Since the Service Activation is essential for extensive networks and it is becoming more complicated with expanding networks, there is a need for easy to use and seamless Service Activation solution. KRON simplifies this task for you with Single Command: Multivendor IP infrastructures service activation and workflow management platform.

Single Monitor

Off-the-shelf NMS product with its pluggable enhanced resource inventory, performance, fault management and KPI management modules. Monitor the performance of your network, infrastructure, and applications on Single Monitor platform. Customise dashboards with user friendly GUI to visualize and monitor all your data.

Quality Assurance

With the introduction of new technologies and increasing expectations, it is getting harder to increase customer loyalty and reduce CHURN. Service Providers have to assure the quality of their service and evolve from an operational service management strategy to a more customer-focused service management model. This is the only way that Service Providers can differentiate themselves from competitors and reduce CHURN. KRON’s patented DNAP technology supported Quality Assurance product family provides an Active Probe System solution equipped with KPI test engines that you can track your services’ performance, get better quality feedback and keep your customer satisfied.


Whether you want to reduce congestion in 3G network or need to have capability of providing increasing number of WiFi devices, carrier grade WiFi service is what you need. Single Fi is an easy to use multi-tenant and vendor agnostic public wifi and wifi offloading platform, which offers an end-to-end solution with its captive portal,PCRF, session management, location based services and quota management features. Increase your business value with Kron’s comprehensive cloud WiFi access control solution.

Carrier Grade Logger

You need a logging solution for your business due to legal obligations, CDR analysis or carrier grade NAT but you do not want to spend millions on other logging solutions designed for other purposes? CG Logger is just what you need. With it’s next generation appliance based architecture and ability to collecting data from distributed locations easily and efficiently, CG Logger specifically designed for high number of log capturing and correlation capacity to ensure your responsibilities against the regulatory bodies.